Who is the call open to? Who is allowed to apply?
The call is open to everyone.

Are drawings admitted to apply at the “Images” section?
The Images section welcome all forms of visual expression and graphic design.

Will the publication have scientific value?
Yes, the publication will provide ISBN code.

Can applications for “Images” and “Texts” sections have more than one author?
Yes, sure. Please provide the requested information for all of them [see the templates in the Download page].

Can I attach images to an abstract proposed in the section Text?

Can I attach images to the final text?
It could be possible to attach images to the text, in case it will be selected, in the second Phase, as extended Text.

Is the releasing required in the first stage of the Call?
No, it will be necessary in the second Stage.

For the section Project, one of the 5 images can be a composition of different photo and drawings?
No, they have to be simply 5 images.