How to apply. The Call is open to all disciplines and perspectives that examine the contemporary city. Accepted entries will be discussed in a workshop that will take place in Rome in 2017 May, displayed in an exhibition, and published in a book.
To apply, please comply with the following sections:

Picture. You can apply photographs, portraying actual social and space situation, able to display coexistence conditions. Otherwise, you can apply with fictional images, product of composition, collage, assembly of pictures and so on.
Text. This format suits theory and critic works about habitat, design and urban dynamics, dealing with the call topic, to spread thought about contemporary city, even in case the works refer to experience, design and places of other epochs.
Design. This section will select design about contemporary urban spaces, with no regards to scale, geographical area or theme conditions. You can apply realized works, competitions design, degree thesis and didactic works.Authors can apply to more than one section.
The application formats are in the download page.
Please, remind that this is a just on line application for digital files. Paper materials as well other shipping forms will be not taken into account and evaluated.

FIRST STAGE > deadline 2016.12.31  NEW DEADLINE 2017.01.09

01. Picture
File Dimension: 800×800 pixels, 150 dpi, max 3MB
File Format: .jpg
File Name for applying: IM_Surname Name.jpg
A pdf file, as the facsimile, is also required, with the following information: Name and Surname; Affiliation (if applicable); Email Address; Title of the Work; 3 to 5 Keywords.

02. Text
Language: Italian or English
Dimension: 3.000 bytes, spaces included
File Format: .pdf
File Name for applying: PA_Surname Name.pdf
The pdf file, as the facsimile, is required complete of the following information: Name and Surname; Affiliation (if applicable); Email Address; Title of the Work; 3 to 5 Keywords; Basic References (Harward Style).

03. Design
We require a single pdf file with:
– 5 pictures, photographs as well drawings, squared shape
– data sheet, as the facsimile, with the following information: Name and Surname or Name of the Design Team; Email Address; place and time of design; Clent; Total amount (if applicable); Consultants and Partner (if applicable); 1000 bytes descriptions, spaces included (tyoe Times New Roman, 11).
It will be a max 3MB file. It will be so named: PR_Surname Name.pdf (otherwise, PR_Team Name.pdf).

The first stage application is for free.
The works will be submitted according to the directions posted on the website Applications must inscribe here, signed a declaration (as the facsimile, this is required for copyrights reasons).
Selected authors for every section will receive notice of their status via email.

SECOND STAGE> Deadline 2017.03.20 (IM, PR), 2017.03.31 (PA_S, PA_L)
All admitted works will be published in the book and displayed in the exhibition. For this reason, all the selected works will be given back according to the layouts that will be uploaded on the website. Please, note that in the Text Section, the authors of the final 10 papers will be asked to develop their topic in an expanded essay, of 10.000 bytes.

The participation fee amount for the selected works is:

01. Picture: 20,00 euro
02.a.  Short Text: 20,00 euro    02.b. Text:  50,00 euro
03. Design:  50,00 euro

The second stage works will be uploaded using the proper page of the website. Authors of works selected for the exhibition and publication are required to sign a copyright transfer agreement with the Editors.

>2016.12.31 first stage deadline
>2017.02.01 acceptance notification and peer-reviewers feedback
>2017.03.20, 2017.03.31 authors’ registration and second stage submission
>2017.05.15 exhibition opening